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April 29, 2008


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One really good thing about compulsory voting is that the Electoral Commission works hard to make sure that everyone can vote - and when they fail, there are consequences.


That's very strange, given how much money, time, effort, etc. has been poured into compliance with HAVA -- could be that it's more a matter of suing specifically under that umbrella, and dragging the case to a sufficiently high court.

I don't know the exact rules HAVA came with, but when I was volunteering for/with my county, it was mandatory that all precinct leaders get a few hours of training in using the accessible voting machine every election, it had to be fully wheelchair accessible, and we also were taught "curbside" rules so disabled people could opt to vote from their car. It sounded, from our clerk's emphatic wording each election, like the courts were very serious about ensuring accessibility.

I've never actually seen a city without sidewalks (all of the ones out here certainly have them, as did the ones in MD/VA when I visited several years ago), and the bus system goes near enough the DMV for that to be workable, so I can't say much there.

It sounds like the cases where a disabled person can't get an ID and/or vote are going to be more in line with the very rare ones where restaurant employees have been rude or refused service to an amputee or autistic as happened a few times in the past year. That is, the overwhelming majority of us (including most amputees) will be able to get an ID card & vote, then there will be a handful of extremely rare incidents where a citizen will have to drag the matter through the justice system in order to (in most cases) get HAVA enforced. It doesn't seem to be worthy of severe upset in advance when there are avalanches of other harmful issues in the present, unless you were just having a bad week when you wrote this entry...?

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